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3nd International Conference on Geographical Science for Resilient Communities, Ecosystems and Livelihoods under Global Environmental Change (GORILLA) 2024


Pre-Conference Activities 2022

Pre-conference Activities


1. Pre-GORILLA Conference Hackathon

Call for Applications :- Geospatial Based Cloud Computing for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience

Satellite Earth Observation (EO) provides a wide range of environmental data information which are key to the effective planning and monitoring of the environment. The proposed Hackathon/Datathon activity is to catalyse the development of EO services in a virtual computing and collaborative environment. A three-day pre-GORILLA hackathon is designed to generate scalable solutions to the identified few challenges using EO applications. Participants will Team up to collaborate on viable projects tailored to one of the selected challenges.  The hackathon will be conducted at Makerere University.

Click here for more about the pre-GORILLA conference hackathon

2. Pre-GORILLA Conference Training

Call for Applications :- Optimizing Emerging Geospatial Technologies in Evaluating Climate Change Impacts on Vegetation

The vegetation resources in tropical Africa are under increasing threat both from climate change and a spate of anthropogenic activities. Yet a substantial proportion of livelihoods in Africa is linked to environment and natural resources. Thus, the need for improved monitoring to ensure integrity and resilience of vegetation resources and ecosystems is apparent in line with the goals and tenets of the Global Development Agenda 2030. Geospatial technologies occupy a vintage position in monitoring, analysis and overall resilience building. A three-day pre-GORILLA conference training focussing on enhanced geospatial technology utility in analysing climate change impacts on vegetation resources and ecosystems is planned to be conducted from 5th to 7th December 2022 at
Makerere University.

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