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3nd International Conference on Geographical Science for Resilient Communities, Ecosystems and Livelihoods under Global Environmental Change (GORILLA) 2024


Climate Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Resilience

Under the Paris Agreement, the international community committed itself to keeping temperatures within the 1.50C threshold. climate change is posing severe challenges in rainfed systems, culminating into low yields and low productivity, particularly for smallholder communities in Africa. Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) has been propounded and promoted as a vehicle which can enable mitigation, adaptation and thrivability of systems and societies, especially in developing countries. This subtheme will accept abstracts that reflect advances in our understanding of climate change and its impacts with respect to various domains. More specifically, abstracts with an orientation on climate smart agriculture will be prioritized.

Submit Abstracts

A 250-word abstract on the topics of the conference is required for those intending to make presentations. Both oral and poster presentations in the conference will be accepted. In addition, specific proposals for sessions may also be accepted. Abstracts will be submitted online at the submit-abstracts page.

Abstracts will be reviewed in real-time and feedback on acceptance will be given to the proponents after being subjected to a peer review process. The deadline for abstract submission and notification are as follows;

  • Deadline abstract submission:                             31st October 2022
  • Latest Notification of abstract:                             7th November 2022